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   Jiangsu Jiulian Yejinjixiezhizao Co., LtdWas established in March 21, 2002, changed the system in July 24, 2006 for the Chinese-foreign joint venture, was the home biggest leads the health design, the manufacture, one of service bases. Presently for domestic and foreign more than ten iron and steel enterprise fitting fixed-point production enterprise.

   On the century at the beginning of 90's our company starts to participate in the overseas introduction high speed line material and the good material rolling mill manufacture domestically work, through the digestion, the absorption and own development, the design innovation, the production led the health, the rolling mill fitting, the cold-frame transportation roller and so on has realized the enterprise internal standardization and the seriation.In order to complete the import main engine fitting the manufacture domestically work, digests the overseas vanguard technology positively, our company with north scientific research units and so on Jiaotong University, Shanghai Material Research institute jointly developed successfully many kinds of novel wear-resisting, the heat-resisting material, specially developed the taper sleeve and the labyrinth link could substitute the import product completely, was in the domestic leading level.

  The company persisted take the science and technology as the forerunner, had in each kind, the high-level talented person 30 people, the corporate design center the request which proposed according to the user, the development has developed several kind of substitution import product achievement project, has had the huge economic efficiency and the social efficiency, has formed the system, the science, collection branch, labor, trade in a body industry.



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